7 Best practice to choose a better smart phone

Better phone only can connect you to better world

– Anonymous

Everyone always struggle in choosing better smart phones , generally functionality of all smart phones are same, but technical specification of the devices vary , here i am going to mention 7 best practice while choosing a better smart phone .

1.  Battery life

I always choose a phone based on all other specification but each time i failed to look on battery life. its mentioned in the mAh, now a days almost all smart phone battery comes in the range of 2000mAh ~ 3000mAh, there are some smart phone which even comes with 4000mAh battery , so when you are finding a new smart phone better look into battery.

4000mAh battery will give you 1.5 days to 2 days  on 3G, else half of these.

2. RAM

Slow phones are old style now smart phones are equal to game console, 1GB to 32GB of RAM capacity , in normal economical range (< INR 15K ) you’ll get phones with  at least 2GB of  RAM .

2GB of RAM – to play a good games

3. Processor

I prefer Intel atom & Qualcomm Snapdragon processors , because both are comes with more experiment and both companies have their own research and development wing . Both processors are well fitted to mobile devices .

4. Camera

I love photography, everyone will definitely take some snaps around them , better go with 8MP  and above with flash and auto focus . As per my hand on experience “Auto focus” will play a major role in mobile photography . Flash has a two advantages, one is for night shots , another is which can be used as Torch  .

8 MP and above with flash and auto focus .

5. Screen Size

Who will like bigger phone ? only kids . because they want to play games so . but as normal user no one will interested in bigger devices , so a smart phone of size lesser than 5 inch will fit in your pocket and that will handy too. and that has one more advantage of moving your finger around the screen.

Lesser than 5 inch.

6. OS

Android hah , everyone knows this but not version of that . i do think little technical so i do prefer for windows and iphone because they will give you updates for every make . But in case of android only Google Nexus will get updates . but still now all makes are rolling out updates for their devices . so no worries in android also.


7. Updates

Older android phone is difficult to update , but in case of other OSes that will get update as soon as updates out, now a days all makes also concern about updates also . Recent devices are getting updates Kitkat soon.


Better check this while buying new smart phone .. you can try to connect with better world 🙂


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