A seat is reserved for you

Never miss the opportunity to create yourself, grab your seat because it’s reserved for you .

There are many people who still waits for better opportunity, while waiting for better they miss many better.
So who all these better, freshers having higher degrees and higher scores will always wait for better opportunity but they miss many good opportunities . But some average scoring guys will grab that opportunities and they build their carrier there, they are the opportunity graber ..
There is an another group of guys they never miss any opportunity because they don’t have both . 
So where you’re , what is your category.. why you’re not so active to think about yourself, why you simply waste time in gossiping.

How to reserve your seat ?
Enter to anything where you really like to do but that should be un-comfortable, convert that to comfortable , make a perfect plan for tomorrow’s, reserve your next level ..

Start – learn – plan – win!
To win something in your life , you should start accepting opportunities , then obviously learning the things to find the word “WIN” , a proper plan to achieve the target , this plan should be step by step .

Everyone follows the same rule unknowingly .. why can’t you try with full effort .

Start, learn, plan your win … all the best ..

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