Activate yourself to get hired : Win Bin

Jobless !

It was a great experience when i jobbed less, but i was active on other job of searching better profile, better opportunity. finally i am succeeded to get.

How ?

Started by Linkedin Jobs, Ended By Monster. I was actively availed myself to find my future and dedicated myself for me. Technically activated myself on some major update on my life. Since i wanted a better profile initially went for Linkedin then Naukri, later hirist, hasjobs. Finally its Monster.

Process !

Filter 1:

Find Openings

Filter 2:

Validate company by going through MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs ) website.
Explained here

Filter 3:
Validate company strength in LinkedIn.

Then Apply

Its common, everyone applies and keep waiting for call. But no one convey them that he/she is waiting for their call. But i did that and it worked ! each time added a line “Hope hear you soon “, it turned me to get 10-15 calls a day, 9 days of filters attended 5 interviews , 3 offers, chosen the best.

Last line:

Do your best in your bin time to win your future for yourself 🙂

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