An unsettled bit

A more bit can be better byte

One fine morning, I was in traveling to my workplace. I do enjoy travel time by watching outside the bus window, usually I have idea of all views are built by nature,  some by creatures in this earth ..
We are on this earth , we have direct connection with surrounding environment. Environment tell us many thing to us , our brain will analyze it in a micro second time, how that can possible ! That unknowingly trained by surrounding environment, if we went to some new places there we find many unknown things , some can cleared instantly , but some are ignored , those ignored by our brain , that will remain unsettled bit in our brain, that is like a rock in middle of sea , like unemployed guy having employed friends circle, a black dot on white paper..
A small bit is always ignored , because of ignorance that remains unsettled .. but that is temporary , how our surroundings influence peoples , same way that bit will influenced by their surroundings . Most of the times it clears itself , rarely that bits will give crashes to our brains, so habit of instant clearance of doubt makes you perfect and can avoid your brain crash..

Settle your unsettled bits today itself..

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