Experience is reflection !!!

Listening and doing makes you better

Today you may be a student or a trainee or a fresher to the corporate world, there  is bunch of opportunity in this world, to choose your right path  you need a mentor and his comments.
Mentors are not meant for commenting, but they comment only if you’re  going back or finding some wrong path to achieve your task, that’s good for you to stick on a good path and they make you grow up to their level. But for that you should follow some basic principles.

How can we grow? How we worked ourselves into getting a job or study well? All are happened by taking heed to good thing, that’s the only way to your outgrowth.
When you listen to your mentor, they’ll share their experiences, thoughts, tricks to grow up to their grade. A good listener can only spring up quickly.

Every mentor wants some good output. Without understanding anything you can’t throw a good output, to understand things properly, you should listen, then act on that, there you’ll find many doubts, clarify those doubts by asking your mentor, before asking questions you should ask those questions to yourself, many things will clarify by acting on you. Always try to give your best.

Curiosity makes you to discover things in deep, you may have many plans to grow and get a good job, you’re looking for a good, but you’re not ready to grow, trying new things or technology or tricks not necessary for you but if you do so that will take you to a new high, curious about new things, try to learn them, you’ll definitely win that, one day you’ll feel proud.

Listen Action Curious
Its reflection of every single experience

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