Grand talk…

A talk that starts with smile, that to a true pretty smile. The broken voice tells the their life experience. A short chat with them is real life lesson to any of new generation kid. A short sentence from their life experience

Wound in Body doesn’t stop you to pursue good things in your life.

Yes, they are emotionally strong , they have seen many hurdles in their life. they are devoted to GOD, each and every stage of their life.  They own many awards and appreciation from many organization.

They may repeat their sentences again and again but their intentions are so clear to convey their life experiences to everyone. If you try to listen to them you will feel guilty of not listening to them so long.

Their every story is very precious then any epic book. Worlds biggest  library is My Grand Parent.

After some years we will in the position no one will be having patience  to listen to us.

So we will at least listen to them and lets earn some knowledge, its a way to make or feel them happy.


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