Hope and excited in this life

Only hope can grow your personality and excitement will improve your stamina

Making money is not important , having status is not the goal , what’s a valuable life means ..
My roommate always remembers a story of “God and His four creatures”
Are you interest to listen this story …
God creates 4 species on this earth , 1st is human, 2nd is donkey, 3rd dog, 4th owl .
All are distributed with the age of 40years each .
But human is not satisfied by that lifespan, he wanted more so he went to God and ask for more lifespan , God told to him sorry only once I can give so its difficult to change those, but you can ask others .. then human went to donkey ask for lifespan , donkey gives theirs 20 years to human , same way human went to dog, that also gives theirs 20 years, then human went to owl , that also gives theirs 20 years so human got 100 years of lifespan ..
So what you learnt from this story?!

Only 0-40 years is a human life he can really enjoy like human .
40- 60 years is donkey’s life , work for family.
60-80 years is dog’s life , watch the home, you’re children will go job, parties, disco’s ..
80-100 years if you luckily alive , that’s owl’s life.. only owww huwww sound nothing else .. no-one there to listen you .

So enjoy till 40 as a human. Plan secured next 40

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