Node.js a server side javascript by a professional hacker

Node.js is amazing technology, superb fast event driven, data transmission, and a server side javascript, huge modules are available through npm .
Node.js is a server side javascript,  it developed by a professional hacker you can google it for his name ;-) . So he first considered the security, that’s why he thought of bringing javascript to server side.
All are awaiting for HTML5 and Javascript app as a platform independent, multi device app, here Node.js adds one more feature “real time ”
Node.js helps in real time communication like live tv, radio, chat … it also helps in webRTC
But one major present loop hole is there is no forum, good references, group.
Still its a good technology, secured and fastest . Easy to install also

Node.js, npm,, express, websocket, jade combinations are superb
There are many modules have android and iOS client libraries

I’m enjoining node..

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