One code, many device : Intel XDK

Many language, many IDE’s many source code , oops many build, many test cases . all these will definitely becomes a History.

Whats next then ?

Screenshot from 2014-08-03 12:55:01


Yes its possible, Everything becoming universal and Unicode ,  Now its time for one code base and many platform support.

Its not new technology there is already many provider and IDE’s provides the same technique but one of the best IT giant provides and concentrate to improve that technology means it has great potential .

After to phonegap , FireFox SDK , now its from Intel.

All earlier providers has limitation to provide hardware support but Intel does not have that , because they are the big processor provider for all OSes so they only can overcome the all issues with the hardware , and code base in HTML5 and JAVASCRIPT so its more of web based, HTML5 is also growing big because of limited enabled hardware access .

One code base can be compiled for All OSes and Web apps/extensions so why a company need to develop different apps with different code base  ? even-though hardware access is enabled in this XDK ?

I myself tried with a simple app , which comes greatly 😉

Its Free .

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