Open up and feel free

All are more of closed than open, all want to hide at least something from all, no one there on this earth who ll be totally open to all.
Open in sense of opening up of all of personal , emotional, professional life with someone , may be that someone is your best friend, brother or sister.
Why we need to open up with some one , yesterday I watched a movie “eagle eye” that movie completely based on big data management and analysis by a super computer which controls even human life . So while opening up with someone you should take care of your core life , else you’ll be in trap of someone. If you feel something is too complicated and complex definitely share with someone and feel free for at least 10 second   .
Opening up means expressing your feeling directly to someone, if you think you’re wrong tell that to someone, excited tell that too . 
Are you confused with someone or you didn’t find someone yet , better go with secret dairy, Super man, Bat man, comic characters , God..

Open up today , feel free and live fresh

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