Opened by receiver status in sending mail through php



Email marketing is a biggest marketing tactics in this decade of information technology , as a programmer i was surprised by seeing statistics about email opened by receiver , email sent status can be grabbed in server end  but opened status is technically difficult to think but each technology has that’s own loop holes here also one tricks to use such a hole to make email marketing to reach genuine one.

Possibly this is the trick

$subject="Subject to receiver"; 
$message="Some Message to receiver"; 
$customheaders = "From:\r\n";
$customheaders .= "Content-type: text/html\r\n";
$customheaders.="<img src='$id' width='1' height='1'/>";

headers send image of 1px*1px through the mail. when receiver open that mail that will send back to tracking URL of sender site , There  email status is updated on database for particular email message id .

Integrate simple trick and target more reach 🙂

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