Productively waste your time

Waste your time with some productive work !

Wasting time is human birth right !  We don’t even know how much time we waste time in an year .
It’s not necessary to follow our routine work , life may go boring when you follow routines , laziness increases dramatically . So wasting your time gradually increases .
Laziness !
Laziness is primary factor of wasting your time . Why it happens ? Most of times its because of routines, Travelling , heavy works.
Only one way to avoid laziness is randomized systematic daily life.
Improper plans
A proper check/task list only can make your day productive . You can use android app called “Any.DO” or “Google keep” to track your day.  Plans may fail but because of that you shouldn’t stop planning. You should avoid failing factors.

Avoid laziness, plan properly .. make day productive . Waste your time productively.

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