Remembering childhood’s make you chilled

Each growth has steps included in it, it applies for our growth also, we were  children, we had a childhood,  we used to make many stupidity.. till date we do that,  we will be forever ..
Ever we done anything with prior knowledge ? As i know i learned many thing by trying it for fresh, there is thrill of doing it,  no one knows the reality of anything without trying that.
Life starts with experimenting with it , what you learned is what you really experimented it , what you are unclear with is only the knowledge .
Childhood is the age we experiment most,  some of characters will show up when you grow up with those memories.
A day can be better and chilled, when you remember your stupid experiments , a smile automatically shows on your face. That smiles makes your day chilled.
How about if you get a partner of same kind in your life or in workplace , the life will be chilled.

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