Take time to Analyse : Win Bin

You have offer in-front of you, they give you less time to decide, forcing you to accept !

Ask them time of at least 48 hours , because you may get another better offer, “Never accept the first BID ” its business rule , so “Never accept first OFFER” its professional rule.

A job seeker should be active listener, he should analyze each word from HR or an INTERVIEWER, you can decide your acceptance on their words, consider they forcing you to accept their offer means you’ll get much better than that from another organization, so you better reject them . Tell them your comfort level, rather company work culture.

More important is how you confident in-front of an INTERVIEWER, tell everything but truth, never hesitate to tell Dont Know, when you really not aware of. Take your time to explain  your ideas and why you need that Job.

Ask what you want , never give up, take your time .

Enjoy the eco-Deepavali

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