There is nothing called problem

One man can’t able to solve the problem , but 100 people together can solve 1%

– Skye [ Marvels Agents of S H I E L D ]

Every one finding their way to crack out the obstacles most of all treating this situation as problem, because they are unaware to crack it out. First step every one wasting time in finding solution, no one try to track the origin.

Concept which may help

Reverse Engineering is  the best way to build a proper product , way to success without any interruption with 99% return on  time .

My experience

Some one like me waits for time to problem get solved by them self , i may be lucky , that solves my problems . Some times i do google my problems , contact my mentors to solve these solves many of my problems . Its easy to me also, sometimes these won’t help me out to crack the things. I have my way to crack the things, will post soon here ..


Most of the case there is nothing called problem, we turn all silly unbreakable situations as problem. Unfortunately we restricts ourself to do the things which we are not aware of , we believe its difficult to handle the situations, most of the time we try to escape from it , we never thought of there is something to we need to deal with it and we will get some good experiences , which will help us in rest of our life.

Trying new things

The system we are living with never let us to do trying new things , we should find our own way to do so, healthy approach of doing new things will definitely give a better unimaginable experience. Most of times we reject the opportunities because of we are having less knowledge on it . Basic positive study on it will help you to crack the things. First approach is “I can do this” 


Its just a obstacles to your way , not exactly the problem. Deal with it or time decides everything no need to worry about anything in life .




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