Thin and flat , what’s next ?

Web is the one of widely used technology as of today . We have seen so many design aspects in web .Each portals , websites, framework have their own designing methods , UI is the first key to attract users , more hits will automatically increases the revenue , revenue builds team …
So designs are evaluated from basic HTML to HTML5 and CSS to CSS3 in addition to this JavaScript library JQuery will gives aftereffects .
Earlier stage of web is stated with Basic HTML  where table is used for layout creation and HTML property to decorate the page , that was exactly like black and white movie . Eventually web spreads like nothing by the help of many open source contributors .
Now web is like an animated movie with the help of canvas added in HTML5  web reached world of gaming . FireFox made OS on top of web technology .
As we know all happened in a short time of around 7 years same time all part of web gets updated.
Design is the recently updated and updating aspects of web . Even though there are many properties in CSS new always proposed to w3c , even though there is gradient designers designs flat designs , that is trend of the web , most popular CSS framework Twitter Bootstrap updated to Flat .
It might be because of compatibility issue with IE and mobile device browsers, or influence of Microsoft Metro design ?
what will be the next designing theory …

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