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Happiness is a conclusion for many hurdles, struggles and confusions from the past. All negatives are good lessons for a better try. We never gave up in our life that’s why we are here , each day we tried hard to give the best. Each day in past taught us how to improve ourselves. This day we are happy because of those negatives, we should thank for it .

Negatives are not really negative. they are named so because we are unable to find better meaning in it. The situations make us feel so.

How to think differently ?

Enlarge and expand the named negatives, its hard to do in that situations. but handling it is so simple, as per Robin Sharma “Face the fear fast”. I believe that it is so simple but the emotions play good role in it . For example, having conversation with a leader most of us fail in this situation because we believe that they are leaders, but we forget that we are also leader in our area of specialization. its not because of lack of confidence , its because of our assumption that we are inferior that to them. Feel free when you are having conversation with any one even though you know your negatives , but defiantly they might not. Never follow formalities, never change your way of talking. never follow plan .

Following pin point plans !

Mostly unstable system is planing, it never happened before such a successfully  planed life, it never happen, because the human brain is trained so that it easily diversify-able to anything at any moment. It is hard to find a stable brain that follow planed life. If it would possible by all then you must be able to find all as millionaire in this universe. The planned life will stabilize the life. but it definitely makes you feel slow, bored life . you can’t switch/try different things simultaneously. You can’t try instantly because its not planned. That’s why i would like to say  “be yourself”, enjoy each moment of life, don’t have any short term plans which makes your life slow, that is source to all negatives.

Block the source …

Never mind to block the source of any negative or you should able to ignore that situations, when it hard to block the source for that instant accept the truth that will make you feel more comfortable, comfort in life will bring you more happiness. Open up, Feel free, enjoy forever.


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