You rule yourself

Nobody is a good mentor to you , you’re the mentor to yourself. You rule yourself.

I personally respect every individual on this earth. But I hate human psychology. Everyone has a guru or a mentor in their life , there is no one on this earth has no mentor .

Why do we need a mentor?
Good question hahh, in my view mentor is the one who educate the basic rules and basic knowledge on what you want to deal with. So why we need ! To get good knowledge.

Who will be your mentor ?
Like minded one to your subject . Not your friends, because most of the friends ignores the mistakes by you . One who has hard experience on the subject and better vision on that .

Independent on mentor !
Mentor only gives basic knowledge and they educate you to move in , rest of all in your hand, how to deal with it or not ! They can give suggestions, solutions and appropriations but you rule yourself , they only watch your way of doing ..

You rule yourself ¿
No one rule you, because your not a machine to assign protocols and do act accordingly . It’s very hard to do so.
So why can’t you assign yourself with rules and act accordingly . Never ignore or break the rules , which’ll effect on your way to success..
Go success, Execute without error, rule yourself..

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